‘Cinema once upon a time…’

It’s a typical night when Dad and Mom are having dinner, and me, on the other side of the laptop screen, doing some of my trivial stuff. We are on Facetime together.  Nhi! – it’s my Dad calling my name that catches my attention. Yes, Daddy? A few weeks ago you interviewed Mommy about her …

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That Media Project Pitch (nearly) Perfect

My very first idea of Media, Audience and Place shaped around the concern of how people are using the same media space to communicate with each other while being at different places around the world. I am fascinated about how the boundaries between physical places have been blurred by an invisible media space. In that …

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Internet access has changed the entire household design!

“Things have changed, darling. Of course, there are no more late nights watching TV with the whole neighbourhood and enjoying the best dessert in the world! After tonight’s dinner you’ll see, you’ll be back in your room watching Netflix, your Dad will be with his iPad in the living room reading the online newspaper and …

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