International Students Research Progress

As stated in the previous blog post, my research is about answering the question that whether international students choose to stay or leave the host country after their graduation. However, after considering, doing interviews with many international students and also risk planning, I have narrowed the research question down to a more simple issue. The research topic now focuses on why international students from Asia choose to stay in Australia after they graduate. Based on the fact that plenty of Asian students’ decisions are applying for Australian Permanent Residency and/or being employed by an Australian organisation once they have finished their courses, the research concentrates on the reasons and motivations behind those decisions.

I have been conducting interviews with students from different Asian countries consist of Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. It is not surprising that 3 out of 4 interviewees have the same objectives as stated above. From this point of the research, the main reasons for this phenomenon rotate around advanced living and working conditions, human beings are treated better and advantages in integrated with other developing countries. I am now continuing with in-depth interviews and searching for more information on the issue to find out whether there are any other difficult-to-mention reasons, for instance political motivations.

The research has come to the stage that opinions and feelings of the local Australians should be explored and put into greater consideration. Nevertheless, this turns out to be the hardest part of the whole research progress. As some of the locals’ perspectives may be easily linked to racism, many people find it is difficult to express their thoughts in an accurate and objective way.

To put it in nutshell, the research is going on pretty well thanks to the help from my lecturer, tutor, peers and people who have agreed to participate in the research interviews. The planning stages have been done. In a short time, I will be finishing with some extra interviews and readings to come up with the structure and final results for the research which is planned to be finished at the beginning of June this year.

Nhi Nguyen

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