Foreign Students after Graduating, STAY or LEAVE?

After writing the project title, I – a typical international student, am sitting here, asking myself the same question.

I have an opportunity to interact with a lot of international students from developing countries. They come to Australia for full university courses which last for 3 or 4 years. At the very beginning of their trips abroad, everyday they wake up with a question hovering in mind, ‘What should I do after finishing my course?’. Whether they should come back to home country, have an ordinary life, live with similar things they have got used to or stay here in Australia and challenge themselves with billions of difficulties?


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Everyone has their own life-changing milestones in lives. With international students, choosing to stay or leave the host country where they study abroad is a kind of that life-switching event. Being an international student from a developing country, I understand why that decision is important. At the end of the day, we are educational refugees. We, somehow, ‘run away’ from a backward education system and hope to inherit the advanced one from developed countries. This explains why choosing what to do after graduating is crucial. It relates directly to how we are going ‘use’ the knowledge that we have had to pay too much, mentally and materially, to get. However, if it is just only about education matter, international students can easily choose to come back home with the knowledge and contribute to national development. This is to say that the decision-making process turns out to be a tough one bases on hidden reasons behind.

The implication of the project is to find out the reasons to explain why foreign students have difficulties deciding whether they should come back to their home country or not. Those reasons can relate to political, economic and even cultural approaches. By conducting primary researches including survey handouts and actual interview with students from different developing countries and those who have experiences working with them, the project will help readers be able to find out why an amount of international students choose to stay instead of going back and vice versa. Also, by analising the advantages and disadvantages of either to stay or to leave, the report aims to be the guideline that helps students find out the answer for themselves. Last but not least, native students’ sharing thoughts towards the issue will be a valuable source that contributes to the explanation of international students’ decision making process.

During the research process, I am looking forward to working with the academia who already has specific understandings towards the issue and gain deeper insight to get the project on point, as the main purpose is to seek out the reasons behind international students’ decisions and how this might affect the future of different countries in the next decades.


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