Multimedia creates Multi-faces generation?

One of my best friends is keen on using all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many more. Long time no see since I’ve moved to Australia, because the time in both countries is different so I haven’t seen her activities on social media accounts for a while. Then I went on her Facebook timeline, Twitter feeds and stuffs to see what she was doing in the past few months. Scrolling down the screen and suddenly I realized: ‘her’ on Facebook is totally different from ‘her’ on Twitter or Snapchat.

Cas 2

(Facebook: Cá Hiền Hòa)

On Facebook where all of her friends and family members congregate, her posts were getting personal. She talked about her personal feelings and experiences and told stories about her daily life.

Cas 1

(Twitter: @VELF_2H)

What surprise me is that there are no personal stories of my friend on her Twitter. It’s all about her favorite Korean boy band called ‘Super Junior’ and Twitter is the place for her to keep in touch with not only the boy band members, but also other ‘fandoms‘ from all around the world. And you know what, she also used Korean as her main language on Twitter while she’s Vietnamese and through many years we have been being friends, I never think she can use it that fluently.

This is to say that, how people show their online personas will depend on which media platforms they are using. Ashley Brown, a PR consultant with John-Dilworth has said:

‘As the number of platforms increase, it’s amazing to watch the way we are adapting to multiple networks – and our ability to communicate and connect with different audiences through different voices online.’


Source that I used:




Nhi Nguyen

2 thoughts on “Multimedia creates Multi-faces generation?”

  1. Very interesting to see the comparisons of the same person on multiple platforms. Do you think her ‘persona’ changes due to the differing audience’s on these platforms? Or could it just simply be due to the limited number of words on twitter as opposed to endless words on Facebook? Reflecting your observation back on to myself, I can completely agree that I am very different on twitter than I am on Facebook. My tweets are always relating to uni or funny memes, where my Facebook is all about my personal life. I wonder if this is the same for most people. A very thoughtful blog. Amazing job!

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  2. Hey Nhi!
    This was such an interesting take on this topic, specifically in how you showed the changing persona of your friend. It really brought the idea of these online personas down from that of a lecture into those of people that we can be familiar with. Your writing style really compliments your injection of personal experiences that are in this blog particularly. I felt like I was actually reading work from a real person. Maybe the bot paranoia has gotten to me.
    Regardless, keep up the great work!

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