User-Generated Content (UGC) in Marketing

User-generated content (UGC) has now become a strong technique which massive companies use to marketing their new brands. Instead of marketing themselves, the companies understand how effective it might be to let the customers raise the conversations and talk or post about the brand on social media platforms. When the content is produced and gave out by the other customers, people will have a better recognition on the products when the companies don’t have to do much to marketing themselves.

This marketing method using user-generated content has ensured the power of the consumers nowadays when most of the reliable content on different social media platforms are created and used by them. Marketing now doesn’t have to depend on the press anymore, who wants to sit there flipping over pages to find their favorite cars when they can go online to those car websites and ask for advices from those who are cars lovers? Just a click and we customers have all the information about the stuff we intend to buy. How convenient is that!

Citizen Journalism

Have a click at my Prezi (an example of user-generated content by the way) to know how user-created content is used in marketing!


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Nhi Nguyen



1 thought on “User-Generated Content (UGC) in Marketing”

  1. Hello, Nhi. Actually, at first, I was a little confused by the content of this class, but after reading your post, I got to have a clear idea about it. Your case study of the user-generated content applying in the market field is very intersting. In the old times, it is always the brand that is trying to influence the brand, but now the times is change, for the first time it comes to me the customers work can also boost the selling. What a win-win! The case of the Starbucks cup leave me deep impression for they are really creative! Your way of telling the story is smooth and clear. Nevertheless, I think more picture could be added to illustrate for this is a Prezi. After all, love your writing so much!


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