‘Viva La Vida’ New Version Released

The rise of remix culture has brought the music world into a completely new era. Music now is not simply a song with lyrics and rhythm anymore. With a small piece of music, people can recreate it into a totally different version suitable for different occasions and moods. Or with some of the familiar sounds in daily life, everyone can be a music creator who mix them together and put on the Internet a whole new piece of music made by themselves.

Remix music has now become more popular in the youth society as they prefer new stuffs recreated from the original ones.

Here is a remix cover I made from the original song Viva La Vida by Coldplay. By combining the sounds of the piano, violin, drums and some remix techniques using Audacity, the song has completely changed.

Below is the original version of Viva La Vida by Coldplay:

                                                                  Source: YouTube


This is a new version made by me:



Nhi Nguyen

1 thought on “‘Viva La Vida’ New Version Released”

  1. Hi Nhi!
    I like your new version of Viva La Vida, it’s just great to hear something new when I have replayed this song over and over for years! That’s what we are, right? You get right to the point when you recognize that young people like us, love to recreate things, we don’t stop at listening to music but we move further, we turn music into something that satisfies us even more. However, I think you didn’t manage to expand a bit when you stated that youth prefers remixing! I suppose you could clear this point by adding some mash-ups or art pieces that are enjoyed by lots of young people, just to make it more convincing. Overall, this is a great post but I’m going to suggest these to you, hope they’ll help!
    Classical art memes: https://www.facebook.com/classicalartmemes/
    Music mash-ups: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MePX2XZSNak

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