A unique YouTube video series? Why not? (Part 2)

At the previous blog post about some of the strategies to create a unique YouTube video series , I’ve given out ways to keep things on track in a video producing process like choosing background music for the videos, dealing with team work or how to grow the audiences.

In this part of the blog I’ll continue to show 5 other sources which not also help my teams’s digital artefact works, but also for you guys to have pieces of information about how to create a good YouTube video series.


  1. http://www.wikihow.com/Create-Good-Videos-on-YouTube

What is a good video and how can we get that? An article named ‘Create Good Videos on YouTube’ on Wikihow has been a guide for us to sort that out. Coming along with step-by-step video making process, the post is very useful for anyone who wants their YouTube videos the success. Consisting of 4 parts including getting the equipment, choosing video concepts, making the videos and editing the videos, this how-to post is giving out clear instructions on what we have to do in order to produce the best videos ever.

  1. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226771

The page above is like a checklist necessary for the video editing process. The first part ‘Select the video editing program’ including some recommended software is the first step to pick up one suitable program for editing. The second ‘Edit your production’ and the third part ‘Add text, graphics and other special effects’ are crucial for the main stages when we begin to do the editing stuffs. The final part called ‘Choose the right file format’ is the final step when we check the video all over again and choose the appropriate file format before publish the video. Different from other posts which showing the step-by-step technique on how to edit the video, this page is, once again, a checklist on what we’ve done so far – an easy way to control our production.

  1. http://www.cameratim.com/business/video-production-process-info

Every project has its own risks. They are unexpected consequences that happen to most of the video making process, especially when you start to edit things. Now understanding what we need to do and how to avoid risks become important. The ‘Video production process information’ blog is a full introduction about the video making process that introduces the producing stages including pre-production, production and post-production along with the risks the producer can face during the whole process. Planning before producing will be a good idea for good quality videos without wasting too much time.

  1. http://digiday.com/platforms/demographics-youtube-5-charts/

Our video series for the digital artefact target on young people or more specifically, university students who enjoy challenges and always ask for interesting new cool stuffs. Although we’ve already had our targeted audiences, understanding more about the YouTube audiences is important. By giving out the statistics about YouTube consumers, who are they and what they enjoy watching, Eric Blattberg’s blog ‘The demographics of YouTube, in 5 charts’ has been a good source for those who want their YouTube channel to be subscribed and followed by more people. In 5 charts, Eric has summarized all of the YouTube audiences interests depends on their age and gender. He also pointed out that people in ages of 25-34 are the ones who visit YouTube the most. Maybe we can depend on this survey to expand our audiences in order to attract more viewers.

  1. http://beebom.com/2015/02/best-video-editing-software

As editing the video is the most important part during the producing process, finding out the best video editing software is difficult because there are many of choices and we actually don’t know which one is the suitable one. The website above has narrowed down the sources and aggregated the best 15 video editing software (both paid and free) in the latest 2015 including some of the easy to use and popular software like iMovie, Adobe Premier Pro or Windows Movie Maker. The page also gave out pieces of essential information about key advantages of each software, supported platforms, the price and some of the key features for which people can choose the most suitable one to use.



Nhi Nguyen

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