Beat Girl – A phenomenon of transmedia storytelling!

BEAT GIRL is a well-known name for those who are Pinterest fans from all over the world. Beat Girl is known as Heather Jennings, a 19-year-old girl who used to mean to become a pianist but then found out her true passion is being a DJ. Her stories now have been spread through multiple platforms and create a community for her fans to get engaged to help her follow the DJ dream.

Firstly started with Pinterest, Heather’s scripted story series on the Pinterest exclusive board gave viewers chances to connect with her music world. Beat Girl then became one in the top 10 most influence people on Pinterest in 2012 and her stories through multiple platforms began to expand more.

Along with the Pinterest account, Beat Girl started to make her steps to Wattpad and used it as her personal diary where she’s given out her life introduction to get fans engage with Heather’s struggles to become a real DJ, also her feelings and hope about the DJ future.  The Wattpad story series then followed by a very successful novel called ‘BEAT GIRL’ by Jasmina Kallay, which then became the best seller book. This also opens for the new trend when the Beat Girl’s fans begin to write their own fan fiction.

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Not stopping there, Beat Girl also created her own YouTube channel which is a combination between many short videos capturing her journeys, life experience and this channel is the way to get her find and connect with the real events where she can work as a DJ.

In addition, there is a TV series about the Beat Girl broadcasted in Europe and North America, a mobile game which fans can be a real DJ and mix the original soundtracks into a remix series. And last but not least, there is a Beat Girl TV show created to enhance fan experience and bring the Beat Girl content to the worldwide TV viewers.


Source: http://www.mynewsdesk.com/uk/apptopress/pressreleases/transmedia-project-beat-girl-releases-game-app-1001164

By creating the engagement with the audiences, the Beat Girl has become a phenomenon that’s been discussing around the world. That’s also to say that the strength of transmedia storytelling is undeniable.


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Nhi Nguyen

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