A unique YouTube video series? Why not? (Part 1)


Me and my 3 other friends are making a series of YouTube videos as a final project for BCM112 (Convergent Media Practices). The videos are about us doing and asking people to do challenges which are supposed to be fun and entertained. Every week we will come up with 3 to 4 challenges and post them to our official Twitter page called Dare Royale (@DareRoyale) for people to vote. The challenge with the most votes will be the main challenge of the week. (Here is our YouTube channel, make sure you follow it)

However, making a series of YouTube videos is never easy, especially when you do it in a group. There will be risks during the producing process and failures. What I will do in this post is to give out some of the sources relevant and necessary for this digital artefact as a way to create critical thinking about what things will be like and how to avoid unpredictable mistakes.

  1. http://hubpages.com/technology/10-YouTube-Challenges-You-Cant-Miss

As we are always want awesome challenges to ensure the videos content quality, looking for inspiring sources of challenges is very crucial. The above page provides 10 most popular challenges that people have tried on YouTube before and been very successful. This article ’10 YouTube challenges you can’t miss’ was published on ‘hubpages.com’ on November 17, 2015. Although these challenges are not trends anymore, redoing them may make the audiences feel surprised and interested. I can see from the source the exactly kind of challenges our group want to pursue. Along with that they either also provide the objectives or show the way to set up the challenges and all we need to do is just follow the rules.


  1. https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/07/23/7-hard-hitting-ways-to-grow-your-youtube-audience/

I believe that no matter why people making videos or create media contents for, their main purpose is always to bring their products to the audiences. But how to attract the audiences is a difficult question. After reading the blog ‘Hard hitting ways to grow your YouTube audience’ written by Neil Patel on July 23, 2012, I have found out the strategies to attract viewers and make them take a glance at the video. The blog not only mentioned the ways to create a good video but also pointed out some of the key techniques to perfectly edit both the video and the page setup in order to interest more viewers.


  1. http://stevewatsononline.com/how-to-create-a-unique-youtube-channel/

In order to stand out from thousands of other videos, the key point is to be unique. A unique YouTube channel will obviously attracts more attention. Steve Watson has written on his blog a post called ‘How to create a unique YouTube channel’ and gave out strategies to create a distinctive channel. The blog post itself provides information about YouTube modifications which include categories like settings, post bulletin or theme and color with clear instructions of how to control all of them. One other thing that makes the blog on ‘how to be unique’ unique is it has the additional opportunities part where the writer put in special methods, which I believe is the secret key to make our YouTube channel different.


  1. http://www.ryerson.ca/content/dam/lt/resources/handouts/GroupWorkConflict.pdf

In our digital artefact, we do it as a group of four. Group work is not always smooth and perfect as there are people with different characteristics and opinions. Finding ways to deal with group conflicts is very important to me as it helps communicating between people easier and the quality of work improved. Michelle Schwartz, a research associate, has written an article named ‘Group work: Dealing with conflicts’ in which she talks about the approaches to overcome disputes. The article has pointed out some of the main conflicts occurring during group work and ways to avoid or resolve them. Although the group work may seem to go well, it is still necessary to have an awareness of unexpectable controversy.


  1. http://wistia.com/library/choosing-music-for-your-video

Choosing background music during the video editing process is an important part. Chris and Dan have written a blog about how to choose music for videos on wistia.com and it’s a very helpful source. They even have a video to show techniques to create or pick a piece of music suitable for the videos. The blog gives out instructions on choosing background music and some recommended kinds of music, also how to use them effectively. One thing I found very useful from the blog is they provided genres of music which are suitable for different types of videos.



Nhi Nguyen





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