Wood 3D printing material – New craftsmanship generation


Whenever anyone mentions the words ‘craft’ and ‘digital craftsmanship’, I immediately think about the wood 3D printing material used for CubePro, which is a combination between wood art and 3D printing – a very, as I believe, good example for digital making things.


Source: http://www.tecedu.com/wood-material-for-cubepro/

Wood 3D printing material, as I understand it, is using normal wood, which is a very easy to find and interesting material, along with the 3D printing technique to finally create artistic, unique and long-lasting products. As you can see in the video below, a block of wood will be put into the 3D printing machine to cut and hew into a predetermined shape.

This product is made using mainly 3D printing process. With high tech 3D printing, wood now has become an ideal material with higher complexity and detail that can be used to create lots of cool stuffs. Wood 3D printing material becomes a new level of digital craftsmanship and suitable for creating artistic decorating pieces.

Different from other 3D printing materials selling on the marketplace, wood 3D printing material has the special abilities to seal, drill, lacquer, etc. An interesting thing about this is after the printing process, the products made from it will have the look, feel and scent which are similar to the real wood piece.






Nhi Nguyen



2 thoughts on “Wood 3D printing material – New craftsmanship generation”

  1. I like the way you have approached this. Rather than simply looking at 3D printing, you are seeing how it is evolving and 3D printed products are becoming more and more useful. Your uses of evidence is good however I feel a little more emphasis on your interpretation on the matter might make the post more personalised.


  2. Hi, Nhi!
    Interesting blog post 🙂 Actually I am a big fan of Craft things, I mean which is about handmade such as ‘Do It Yourself’ project, I really like it. So your example about 3D printing, which I never have seen before help me to know about this, it’s amazing, girl. Thanks to your blog, I can know that they have something incredible. Moreover, when it combine between craft and digital making, I feel like every about art is mix together. I strongly agree with you that your 3D printing is a good example for digital making things. Imagine how many things can we create by this materials. I want to have one ^^
    Anyway, thank you for your helpful blog post and example 🙂


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