Have we audiences changed?

When media converges, are we media audiences changing our positions in the media world?

The answer is ‘Yes’. We have not only changed, but also changed dramatically.

We’ve changed from the ‘consumers’ to the ‘prosumers‘. Media audiences seem not to sit there passively and receive what the media shows them anymore, they stand up and make the world a part of them by producing and sharing information. Because we have the abilities and opportunities to decide whatever we want to do with the media content that we have the power on, we no longer need the ‘gatekeepers‘ who maintain the content quality. We are now all want our ideas to be noticed. We write a blog post on WordPress about how ‘Fifty shades of Grey’ means to us and post it for others to read, like, share and comment. Now the readers have a chance to read something which gives out the objective perspective of the writer without any costs and sometimes, may also link them to other sources related to the topic.

The video blog below shows some of the examples that I understand about how media users have changed their roles when it comes to media convergence.


Or you can watch the YouTube video here !



Nhi Nguyen


1 thought on “Have we audiences changed?”

  1. great job with the Youtube video it was really information in terms of contrasting the differences between audiences using analog and digital and gave me a better idea of what my blog should be like in terms of week 5s topic. It was pretty funny seeing the different scenarios even which the use of props definitely encourage that. The only criticism would be the audio quality which is fine since it’s your first Youtube video, you should buy i mic for future videos which is something i am going to do when i make my videos. Good job Nhi #cockroach #truelove #FIFTY SHADE OF GREY AHAHAHAHAHA


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