Is an iPhone still an iPhone when media converges?

Media convergence, what does it mean to me? Hmm, well, I’m sure it means something to me but I’m not sure what it exactly it does mean to me. The evolution of media convergence is the era when an iPhone is not really an iPhone but it’s an iPhone with the mp3 player, a theatre and a camera on it. Now the media convergence means to me as not only me, I believe, but also the majority of people around me seem to rely on media convergence much more than we can imagine.


Media convergence, from my perspective, is more like a transition from analog to digital media. Media convergence is the period of changes when everything including the newspapers, television, games or radio now be replaced by only one thing, the Internet. Media convergence also means going online and living online everywhere at anytime.

The effects of media convergence extend in the community of media audiences. The media convergence has changed us the consumers, into the producers. A mass media contents are now produced and shared by no one else but us. We have the power towards the information we consume everyday. And one of the good things about media convergence is that it helps you to link with other sources of information which newspaper or traditional books cannot do for you.

Media convergence, to me, is like many other essentials now combine to make one crucial object, for example a smartphone. This is not an ordinary phone which only allows users to make phone calls or text, but also provides people with many other functions such as being able to listen to music and podcasts, watch movies, take pictures of family and friends or simply look at the time on the phone’s clock. This smartphone is the way to keep people connected with the world. More specifically, it’s the way to keep things on track. One lost their phone may suffer through different negative attitudes as they don’t know if they miss an important call or email from a potential customer, be left behind as they cannot check their social networks accounts or read the news shared by the global citizens about what’s going on or simply don’t know what to buy because the shopping list is in the notes app of the phone.

However, there is one thing that I want to notice readers, that although we can do almost anything on one small device, media convergence does not replace the roles of other traditional media platforms. Media convergence just makes our lives easier.



Nhi Nguyen

1 thought on “Is an iPhone still an iPhone when media converges?”

  1. Iphone: Mini super computers.
    I love what they allow me to do while on the move, but I didn’t stop to think about people getting left behind. I believe that it actually does replaces roles of traditional media, newspaper becoming E-paper, DVD is now Netflix, etc. It is just doing it slowly. But I agree that it does make our lives easier, having a mini portable super computer with applications for movies, music and multiple other medias. No need to wait until your home to check or update Facebook, but than a lot more is posted, a lot more happens on it that people who get left behind just have to catch up on.


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