iOS vs. Android – The platform war never ends

The battle between iOS and Android, the two most powerful mobile operating systems seem like never ends as each one is controlled in a different way. While iOS is a closed source which control everything users do including the apps they are downloading and limited customizability, Android gives people a free access to their sources or in other words, they provide an opened source with no control over contents or platforms.

This, however, gives the users the wide choices of what they can do with their phone. In the prezi below I just mention some of the differences between the two operating systems, and how they give a control on things we use. Let’s take a look!


Well, the thing above is just a presentation of a Prezi, view the real one through this link


Sources that I used:





Nhi Nguyen

3 thoughts on “iOS vs. Android – The platform war never ends”

  1. Hello! I really enjoyed your post about iOS vs. Android, your prezi was concise and very engaging! One suggestion I would make would be to maybe reference more of the readings or notes this week for more content about the topic but either way it was very interesting to read! I learnt some new things about iOS and Android from watching your prezi 🙂


  2. Hey there, love the information given in the Prezi! I’ve never known that much about these two systems. I have the same suggestion with Natasha that you should dig a bit deeper into the ideologies of both iOS and Android for I think it would clarify the battle between them, but I understand the words limitation. Anyway, I think you did a great job on searching for more information about iOS and Android and your presentation is adorable. And the way you write ‘it just a presentation of Prezi’ reminds me of Semiotics in BCM110 haha!


  3. Hey Nhi, I think this was a really smart way to approach this particular post! It’s nice to ready unique examples to help me further understand post especially when you chose iOS and Android to become your example. I completely agree with you about your opinion that “this gives the users the wide choices of what they can do with their phone.”
    I also really enjoyed your Prezi and the way you showed clearly information X Nice post!


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