Famous copyright infringement cases

Copyright is a powerful word, not as powerful as the phrase ‘Made in China’, but powerful. It can put you to jail or lose a huge amount of money when ever you don’t watch it out! Especially in the media industry, everything gets worse when everyday we post and share and use a thousand links or sources to contribute to our own work, for both academic and entertainment purposes.OZi5V1I

Below is a Soundcloud I made in order to point out some famous copyright infringement cases which I believe can raise some awareness in the society about copyright infringement. As the technology world is developing with an amazing speed, we can now easily connect to sources without worrying about if we’re use it correctly or not! So just be careful when using something not ‘Made by yourself’ as it can lead you to thousand of troubles!

Link to Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nhiinguyen/famous-copyright-infringement-cases




Nhi Nguyen

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