Thinker – Dreamer



Hello there, can you hear me?

Yeah, you! It’s you, reader!

You look awesome today! And welcome to ‘Thinker and Dreamer’ Space!

First of all, thank you for stopping by my little corner, having a bit of reading and sharing. This page is originally created to support my University tasks, that’s why most of the posts are related to the area I’m currently involved in: Communication and Media. The idea of the whole page is to provoke thinking about the relationship between human beings and the media from various perspectives. From the very first and vague idea of what the media actually is and how it is formed to how it has affected our lives in a modern era, the page gives readers a little space to think about media issues discussed in every post.

A personal project is also being developed within the page. This project is about me as a thinker and writer to travel, take photographs, tell stories and share my personal perspectives about things in life to my lovely readers. All of the posts will be available in both English and Vietnamese so readers from different places can easily access them. This project is planned to come out this summer (in Australia!) under the category ‘Nini’ so keep an eye on it and don’t miss a thing!


A bit about myself, my name is Nhi Nguyen (preferred name: Nini) and I’m currently studying Communication and Media Studies at University of Wollongong, Australia. My major is Marketing Communication and minor in Public Relations (PR). And I’m definitely a little but weird girl in this world.

Here are 10 little facts about me:

  1. Artistic – I love beautiful little things and like decorating my room with photos, quotes, lights and colours.
  2. Music addict – Music is a part of my life and my favourite type of music depends a lot on my current mood.
  3. Reading – I read when I have free time and before bed, but this habit is changing (thanks to the evolution of media), but I’m trying to get it back and put the phone down more often. Favourite book of all times: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  4. Travelling – to see the world and grow up. I enjoy travelling alone the most.
  5. Foodie Nini – Food is what I came to the world for! Eating to me is not about making you feel full, but about revealing a whole culture of a particular country.
  6. Cockroaches – I’m just…scared of them for no reason. And definitely cry, or faint if they’re the flying ones.
  7. Emotional
  8. Definitely a thinker and dreamer. I love observing the world around, think about it and write.
  9. Smile – people recognise me because of my smile. This’s my secret weapon in every situation. A smile does not only give out a first nice impression but also boost your energy and positive attitudes to be more confident.
  10. I love and respect my readers. I don’t know how you know about the posts and spend a bit of your time visiting my page. I don’t even know if you like my writings or not. But once you’ve stopped by, I thank for your time and efforts. Hope those pieces of writing leave a bit of thinking inside your heart and mind.




Nhi Nguyen (or Nini) 😉


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