Making the world knows who you are



Okay, so the title is overwhelming huh? Making the world know who you are, especially when you are short enough for everyone NOT to see you in the crowd, seem to be a big idea to talk about. Actually everyone wants their names to be written into the world’s history, in some specific fields for sure. But I have to make you dissapointed a little bit, as this post is not about the ways to sign your name in the world’s diary, it is all about introducing myself to the new WordPress world!

Hello World, my name is Nhi Nguyen. You can call me Nhi, or Ni, or Nini. I was born in Vietnam, an Asian country famous for war in the past, and for its beauty and variety of delicious food at the moment. By the way, I am addicted to food, so if you have the same interest, just leave your mobile number, your email or anything that I can use to contact you, or just write a comment and then we can discuss deeply about this awesome topic ever! So excited!

Just a brief summary about me:

  1. I am now the student in Communication and Media Studies course of University of Wollongong, Australia. And the reason explains why I am sitting here, writing this first blog and introducing myself is this is a part of my exercise. But please do not misunderstand me, I do not do this because my professor want me to and my parents want me to (especially when they have to pay a huge amount of money for me to study oversea), I do this because I love writing, and this part of exercise just raises my ambition to use my writing to affect the world.
  2. I love music. Music is my life. I play the piano and my parents can read my emotions just by listening to my music. I can sing. Well, just can, not sing well. But I love singing, especially in the bathroom, when taking a shower.
  3. I love talking to people and playing with dogs. One of my weakness is I will act like I am a reserved person at the first time, which make people feel it is hard to start a conversation with me, but then turning into a totally different one, a crazy, talkative and energetic one a minute after people have started talking to me.
  4. Just to add in some information about dogs that I have mentioned above. I love dogs. Husky, corgi…it just need to be a dog, I will love it. Except some fierce ones.

Just to add in some information about why I am here in the Communication and Media studies course at University of Wollongong and taking pretty awesome classes #bcm110 and #bcm122. It’s because I enjoy working in the environment where I can use many communication ways to connect to people and want to be on top of the media age (although I’m always the one who is left behind), but though, I’m working to change it as I think, University will definitely be the life-changing milestone. Taking this course is kind of an adventure to me as I had asked myself a thousand times what I really want to do and who I really want to become in the future. I used to think of becoming a psychologist as I love working with people, studying about body language and understanding what’s going on in human cognitive. However, that’s not enough. I want more. I want to work in the media world and help myself get used to the technology as to be realistic, the power of media in the present world is undeniable. Choosing the Communication and Media Studies course is a combination between my passion and the reality when the job market outside need more and more people who have the ability to cope with the new media platforms. I feel like I have so much energy for the work I do now and I want to extend it more. I believe my degree can bring me more experience than I can expect to help me become the person I always dreamt about when I was a little girl, ‘being a big big star standing in front of thousand of people and inspire them’.

Now, a part of the world has known me, this is because you readers are reading this. Thank you for being so brave and patient to read until the end of this. Leave any comments if you want to share any similar interests with me, or just give a feedback on my writing style, or just to tell me not to be so silly talking about silly things.

Good night World! Love all of you by the universe energy.

You can check out my Twitter here:


Nhi Nguyen


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