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Thinker – Dreamer – Storyteller



Hello there, can you hear me?

Yeah, you! It’s you, reader!

You look awesome today! And yes, welcome to the ‘Thinker and Dreamer’ Space!

First of all, thank you for stopping by my little corner, having a bit of reading, thinking and sharing. Since this page has been originally created to support my University tasks, most of the posts will relate to the area I’m currently involving in: Communication and Media. The idea is to provoke thorough thinking about the relationship between human beings and the media from various perspectives. 

Recently I’ve shifted my interest to storytelling and narrative practices, this’s why regular readers will find there’s a changing pattern in the writing style. 

Below is the summary of each category for easier navigation:

BCM313: The Future of Work – Blog posts within this category include my everyday personal stories and related issues in the future workplace – Pretty much it’s about self-exploring, and storytelling! If you’re a reader that is looking for a space to share beautiful stories and emotional connections, this’s a space for you 🙂 

BCM241: Media, Audience, Place – This category consists of the writings about the relationship between media users and media spaces. General theme: the generation of effective communication and interaction between people despite physical distance and media types used. Please refer to this video for my final project on this topic. 

BCM110: Introduction to Communication and Media – All the blogs about my very first and vague ideas of what the media actually is are located within this page. While this section includes all my first-time-writings, you’ll find the writing style and chosen topics are completely different from recent posts. 

BCM112: Convergent Media PracticeDigital Media blogs are here! While myself is quite of a low-tech person, those writings address digital media issues in a very basic and foundation manner.   


That’s all about the page, now just a bit about myself.

I’m Nhi (or Nini as prefered!) and currently a final year student at the University of Wollongong, Australia doing Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies. 

5 little facts about me:

  • Food: Food is love, food is life. I have no self-control in front of good food!
  • Books: I love reading. Favourite genre: classic romance. Favourite book of all times: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • Music: I cannot go through a day without music! I also play the piano, and love singing in the shower!
  • Write: I write a lot. Mostly in my mother language: Vietnamese. I keep memories through personal journal and diary. Writing is the way I express myself and visualise personal thoughts, dreams and emotions to the World. I’m practicing to write more in English so as to get to readers from other places. I also have a separate site for one of my research projects on cultural issues – click HERE for more details. 
  • Smile: A physical identity recognition I’d say. To me, smiling gives you energy to be positive everyday. Smile, and everything will be better 🙂 


That’s all!!!

Here’s just a little tiny message to my readers: I love and respect all of you! I don’t know how you know about the posts and spend a bit of your time visiting my page. I don’t even know if you find my writings related or not. But once you’ve stopped by, I thank for your time and effort. Hope those pieces leave a bit of thinking inside your heart and mind.


Let’s buckle up and enjoy the readings! 


Nhi Nguyen (or Nini) 😉

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